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Hi, I'm Momo.

I am a game developer, programmer, designer, artist, dancer, and cosplayer currently attending the University of Southern California, majoring in Computer Science & Game Development. When I'm not being any of the above, I enjoy playing with dogs, analyzing anime and video games, and following competitive figure skating.

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  • As It Is at Pixelpop with stickers
  • As It Is UI and Border
  • As It Is Minigame Outro Bad Animation
  • As It Is Side Character Concept Art
  • As It Is Anteater Concept Art
  • As It Is Anteater Concept Art 2nd Iteration
  • As It Is Hedgehog Concept Art
  • As It Is Hedgehog Mechanic Diagram
  • As It Is Minigame Outro Good Animation

As It Is

2D narrative platformer with perspective switching

Game in production.

Learn more: @asitisgame on Twitter

  • ROLES: Artistic Director & Producer
  • Authored concept art guidelines and style documents for 4-person art team
  • Painted 68 character sprites, 3 backdrop borders, and 42 other sprites (water dripping & splashing animations, minigame outro good & bad animations, clock leaf ticking animation, cloud poof animation, and titlescreen leaf particle sprite)
  • Designed all UI: dialogue box, dialogue options, and interactable indicators
  • Concepted titlescreen look
  • Illustrated game logo, studio logo, initial character concept art, and mechanic design diagrams
  • Created and assigned weekly sprint tasks to team members
  • Provided feedback for artists to emphasize character expression and personality
  • Cut multiple trailers in Adobe Premiere Pro (two 30-second trailers, one 1-minute 30-second trailer)
  • Worked with design and narrative teams to flesh out mechanics and story

2017 - ongoing

  • alienation
  • alienation
  • alienation
  • alienation


2D narrative combat platformer about identity & belonging page coming soon.

  • ROLES: Art Lead, Writer, Designer
  • Formulated 15 character designs, 66 pixel sprites (character & vfx), 3 fully painted backgrounds, and 4 storyboard frames
  • Wrote 100+ lines of dialogue
  • Cut 1-minute trailer in Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Robot
  • robot design 1
  • robot design 2
  • final robot design
  • initial lidar stand 3d model
  • robot display stand
  • robot lidar stand
  • robot lidar stand iterations

Navigation Robot

Microsoft IoT Core building navigation aid robot

Learn more:

  • ROLES: Explorer Intern (Software Engineer & Program Manager) (C#)
  • Refined existing project to implement node-based indoor path navigation
  • Engineered and 3D printed robot parts in 3D Builder
  • Designed sound/touch input and sound/display output options for accessibility
  • Mapped and tested across 26-node floorplan in XML file to allow future users to customize maps
  • Collaborated with other engineers and program managers to author specifications to clearly define objectives and constraints of project


  • intrepid at indiecade
  • intrepid tile
  • intrepid tile
  • intrepid tile
  • board closeup
  • board setup


Competitive 4X space-exploration board game

Showcased at IndieCade International Festival of Games 2017

Learn more: Preview Kit

  • ROLES: World Designer
  • Designed and refined art/graphic design for tiles
  • Collaborated to polish rulesheet
  • Represented team to showcase at IndieCade


  • QOTL Screenshot
  • QOTL Screenshot
  • QOTL Screenshot

Quiet of the Leaves

2D narrative-based puzzle game about a father-daughter relationship

Featured on Polygon.

Learn more:

  • ROLES: Software Engineer (C#, Unity)
  • Constructed foundational parallax level for art team to reference
  • Implemented dynamic journal system with menu/settings that pauses dialogue and movement & diary entries that unlock and vary depending on player choice in-game
  • Built drawing system with saving and loading .json files
  • Created and designed start menu
  • Made inspiration/design boards for UI for art team

2016 - 2017

  • Arcola Elementary School
  • Highland Elementary School
  • Summit Hall Elementary School
  • Rock View Elementary School
  • Highland View Elementary School
  • Rosemont Elementary School


Montgomery County Public Schools websites

Live sites: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

  • ROLES: Front End Software Engineer (HTML/CSS/PHP), Designer Intern
  • Developed 6 mobile-responsive websites for local businesses in WordPress
  • Optimized automatic resizing of images in social media-to-blog posting using PHP, increasing average monthly pageviews by 71.3%